Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wheelchair Basketball Player showing his muscles

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Wheelchair basketball is all about equipemnt, practice, practice, practice, teamplay and making you a better social person.
This sport has shown us some of the best athletes skills and as a wheelchair basketball player, I imagine that all of them have the pleasure to play this game.

Although the sport of wheelchair basketball has been facing some troubles during the past couple of years gaining attention, it looks like the energy and time that these people have spent to get the sport recognised has paid off.

Why we say that? Well because if we compare how things were in a scale of a 5 year period we see that the sport have progressed, now more people know about wheelchair basketball, how it is played and know that the people bond with this game as part of their social activities during which they create new friends, play this recreational game and much more they improve their sport skills by playing a paralympic sport.

We must not forget to mention that wheelchair basketball firstly started after World Warr II when the veterans from United States, those whom got wounded, lost a part of their body or so, gathered together and started playing wheelchair basketball which in the very beginning was used only as a hobby from these veterans, but I must tell you that what they were ably to do in their time with the conditions they had back then was the key to what this sport is facing of with nowadays.

Improvements have been seen in every space of life for people with disabilities as in this sport with the help of technology, and when I say improvements I mean the equipments to play this sport which with the help of technology have brough whole new dimension to this sport by creating players convenience in the game.